Mobi2Go up and running at The York Butter Factory, Melbourne, Australia 


Mobi2Go have been true to their hustling ways and have officially opened up their first office in Australia. 

After careful scouting, The York Butter Factory in Melbourne has been chosen as the place for Mobi2Go to #GSD (get s*** done) while on the ground in Australia. The York Butter Factory is a co-working space for Melbourne’s high potential early stage technology entrepreneurs, and home to Startups with bold ambitions to change the world. They can’t think of better neighbours to join forces with.

Tarik Mallett, Mobi2Go’s fearless leader (and double dachshund owner), is excited about setting up in Melbourne. Widely regarded as “the” place to eat and drink in Australia by foodies and non-foodies alike, Melbourne is a great fit for Mobi2Go’s hospitality focused online and mobile ordering software:

“Having a physical presence in Australia has been on the cards for Mobi2Go for a long time now. We’re looking forward to being closer to our growing number of Australian clients and raising Mobi2Go’s brand awareness across the Tasman.”



Melbourne’s vibrant laneways house many cafes, restaurants and the city’s best kept cheap eats.  


The Australian office is a testament to how far Mobi2Go have come in the past year. Last year they reached $100 million in orders processed for clients collectively, and have restaurants and cafes using Mobi2Go online and mobile ordering software in over 300 cities globally.

Operating as a cloud based Software as a Service business where clients pay an affordable monthly fee, Mobi2Go integrates with POS and payment gateway systems and can be styled to match the look and feel of any brand. The software helps increase revenue, reduce in-store wait times, encourage customer loyalty and improve the overall customer ordering experience.

Tarik believes Mobi2Go will be an attractive solution to restaurants, cafes and QSR’s in Australia who want their own online and mobile ordering system but don’t want to fork out the big bucks:

“We’ve already got a solid number of clients in Australia, and their feedback has been that no one else if offering the quality, functionality and value for money that Mobi2Go is providing. We’d love to help other hospitality businesses realise how awesome online and mobile ordering is.”



Love burgers? Melbourne has an amazing burger scene. Here’s a sample of what’s on offer at Huxtaburger.  


Having the support of York Butter Factory and their community of tech entrepreneurs as Mobi2Go stretch their legs into Australia is an incredibly valuable relationship. Tarik knows all about the reality of Startup business life:

“Startups are a constant battle for survival. It’s important to surround yourself with positive, like minded entrepreneurs, but not to get too caught up in the hype. It’s all about the hustle.”



The York Butter Factory holds regular events to bring people in the SaaS and tech sector together. 


It’s a good thing York Butter Factory’s motto is #GSD. And no, it’s not about German Shepard Dogs (I was confused when I looked up that hashtag on Twitter too).

Mobi2Go expect to have a team of five on the ground in Melbourne in the next six months. If you’d like to join the team of hustlers at Mobi2Go in either Australia or New Zealand, check out their current openings.


Know a restaurant or cafe that could benefit from online and mobile ordering? Learn more or start a free trial with Mobi2Go.  



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