Joe Floriddia, Chef & Manager, Da Massimo.


Real men wear aprons. At least that’s what Joe Floriddia, Chef and Manager of Da Massimo Pizza in Bentleigh, Melbourne, tells me.

Mobi2Go shared a slice of Melbourne’s best pizza with Joe to discuss authenticity, the true meaning of the word pizza, and how giving their traditional family business a hi-tech makeover has helped them connect with their customers and make life easier in the kitchen.

How Da Massimo began


Da Massimo translates to pizza “By Massimo”. The store opened on Centre Road in Bentleigh, Melbourne, 2007, and Joe’s family took over the business about a year ago.

“It was a run down pizza shop, but we saw the potential.”

Joe is the Manager and chief pizza maker. He cooks an authentic Italian pizza in 90 seconds. That’s all it takes if you know what you’re doing. The most popular item on the menu is still the Margherita, and his one is to die for.

As well as maintaining the quality and artisanship of Da Massimo’s authentic Neapolitan style pizza, it was important for Joe to look at what could be done on the operational and marketing side of the business to take them to the next level and delight their customers.

What’s the inspiration behind Da Massimo’s menu and brand?



Da Massimo’s pizza is a combination of fresh ingredients and passion.  


The inspiration behind Da Massimo is simple. To provide the most authentic Italian pizza you can get outside of Italy.

The only corner cutting you’ll find in Da Massimo’s pizzas is in the circle shape. Da Massimo is the real deal, using ancient techniques and authentic ingredients to produce true Neapolitan style pizza. So authentic, the buffalo mozzarella and fiore di latte is imported from Napoli every week. The pasta per pizza (dough) is mixed with sicilian sea salt and takes two days to make. Finally, the pizza is cooked in a traditional brick fire pizza oven. It takes many years to master the technique.



It’s hard work making authentic Neapolitan pizza, but the end result is worth it.


This is how Italians made pizza in the ancient city of Pompeii, and this is how Da Massimo make their pizza today.

What brought Mobi2Go and Da Massimo together?


When Joe took over, the point of sale (POS) technology was dated, to say the least.

“The old cash register didn’t even work!”

The first item on Joe’s to-do list was to upgrade Da Massimo’s POS system. After some research into what would suit their business, Joe settled on Kounta, a leading cloud based hospitality POS solution that works online and offline from any device.

Joe came across Mobi2Go online ordering through the Kounta add on page. Da Massimo were previously using Zwift, a third party, commission based online ordering system. The problem was it didn’t integrate with Kounta and was becoming expensive.

“Rather than having two registers and two screens, we wanted a more streamlined, cost effective solution. Mobi2Go and Kounta have delivered that for us.”

Mobi2Go online ordering and Kounta POS integrate with and talk directly to each other. This means when a customer places an order online from Da Massimo’s website or mobile site, it goes straight to Kounta, eliminating manual entry and errors caused by double handling.

Improvements since using Mobi2Go?


After implementing Mobi2Go online ordering, Joe’s noticed how much easier his day to day life running a busy pizza business has become.

“It’s so much more convenient. The order and customer details go straight through to the POS system. It makes me work faster.”

Best bits about Mobi2Go?



The Mobi2Go online ordering storefront embeds directly into Da Massimo’s website, so customers can order online at a time that suits them. 


Joe’s particularly impressed with the extra time he’s saved from giving customers the option to select, order and pay for their food online. It turns out self service has worked in everyone’s favour.

“Giving customers the option to order what they want online in their own time has eliminated the time we sometimes lose through customer in-decision at the checkout point.”

There are also no more issues with dockets and worrying about whether they’re delivering pizza to the right address through spelling mistakes. Accuracy has improved and errors have reduced substantially.

“Ultimately, Mobi2Go makes my life easier. It gives me access to my own customer database, and integrates directly with our payment gateway Braintree so the money’s in my bank the next day.”

How do you connect with your customers?



Love Pizza? Love Instagram? So do Da Massimo! 


Da Massimo use social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Google+ to connect with their customers.

“The first week we started our Facebook page we gained 140 likes. It’s continuing to grow.”

They’re finding Instagram to be the most effective channel. Instagram’s highly visual nature is the perfect way to showcase Da Massimo’s delicious pizzas and show off the personality of their brand (just in time for dinner!).

Joe also knows first hand the importance of positive online reviews for attracting new customers.

“I was chatting to a customer just the other day who said the only reason they came here was because he read a good review off Urbanspoon.”


Melbourne locals, you heard it from me first. If you want the best Italian pizza you can get outside of Italy, jump online and order yourself a Da Massimo pizza tonight. Or book a table in their intimate dining space. And remember, if you don’t instagram it, it didn’t happen.


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