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Joe Caraballo (right) Business Development Manager    


We love hiring new people. We get more banter around the office, and you get an even more amazing online and mobile ordering product to help you delight your customers and increase sales. Everyone wins. Except for our lolly jar of jet planes. That gets hammered.

On that note, we are pleased to introduce a very cool new kid to the Mobi2Go family. Here’s a quick bio on Joe and what he’s going to bring to the table to improve your table service.


Joe moved to Wellington in 2015. He has extensive experience working for tech and online payment Startups in The USA, Finland and Australia. He’s fluent in Spanish, German, French and Hospitality (yes, it’s a language all of it’s own).

What he brings to the table

Joe’s here to make sure you can get onboard with online and mobile ordering as quickly as possible with a solution that’s right for your hospitality business. If you’ve got any questions about Mobi2Go, email Joe today: joe@mobi2go.com

Spare time

Joe’s an international import, so he loves to explore New Zealand’s hot spots with his partner in his spare time. He also brews his own craft beer that we may or may not be releasing some time soon…. watch this space.

Favourite animal




About the Author


Felicity is Mobi2Go’s marketing and brand manager and content creator. She writes about online ordering and hospitality trends, tips, client success stories – basically anything to help restaurant owners understand online & mobile ordering and grow their businesses. Connect with Felicity on LinkedIn or email her directly: felicity@mobi2go.com

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