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Our job at Mosh is to catapult businesses ahead of their competition using social media. We want to tell you about a tool that will help increase your sales with no hard work from you (we’ve already done it, you just follow a few instructions). It’s called Facebook ordering, and it’s awesome.

Restaurant owners have a bit of a head start in their industry as there are a truck load of hungry Facebook surfers too lazy to get off their arses and pick up the phone to order dinner. They are on FB already, stalking the ex’s new hottie in her bikini so it’s a mere thumb swipe to order some food too.

Taking your customers orders online is a win-win situation: customers don’t have to listen to an engaged tone or wait forever for the phone to be picked up by a waiter who’s already juggling what’s going on inside the restaurant, errors are eliminated in taking the order and your staff time is freed up.

You probably already have online ordering set up on your website (if you don’t, you should. It’s super simple – you just need a one page website which the gang at Mobi2Go can knock up for you quick smart). Your next step should be adding online ordering through Facebook.

Before you get all nervous about social media, it’s ridiculously easy. All you do is follow a few simple instructions, it takes a few minutes and you are in the game.

Here are a few people tearing up the hospo industry with Facebook ordering:

Mexicali Fresh

Screenshot 2015-02-11 10.25.51

Mt Vic Chippery

Screenshot 2015-02-11 10.24.57

Bird On A Wire

Screenshot 2015-02-11 10.26.45

Once you’ve made good use of Mobi2Go’s technical wizardry, you need to get that message out there. There are two really easy ways to spread the word.

1) Pay for some FB ads

There are little adverts which pop up down the right hand side of Facebook as well as directly on the news feeds.  When you set them up, you can choose your target market (Wellingtonians under 50 for example) so you are only paying to reach potential customers, not the whole world.

2) Offer incentives to those ordering on FB

Anyone who places their order through Facebook on a Tuesday gets a free soft drink/chips/cuddle when they pick their order up.

If you’d like to chat a bit more about using social media to catapult yourself ahead of the competition, get in touch.  We can help you whether the only thing you know about Facebook is telling your son to get off the thing for five minutes and converse with his family or you have a big old following on there and want to get cuter with it.


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