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Your customer database is an awesome tool. It provides you with endless opportunities to market, monitor inventory, and gather insights into your customers’ behaviours. Most importantly, your database allows you to connect directly to your customers and remind them about all the great things your business does. You can update them about new delicious additions to your menu, a new blend of coffee you now stock, or let them sample one of your recipes for themselves. And with more people choosing to order online, now is a fantastic time to get thinking about how you want to amp up your email marketing, because customers who order online, are more likely to be heavy users of email.

Growing your database

Growing your customer database takes creativity and patience. You want to make sure that collecting a name and email address is hassle-free for your customers and straightforward for your staff. Make sure you have clear processes in place and your staff are confident in what information they should be collecting, and how to collect it. You want to make the sign-up process attractive, fun, and appealing as possible.

Where to collect your data

The best way to grow your customer database is to be collecting all the time, grab every opportunity to get more personal with your customers at every point of contact.

Mobile and Online orders

If you’re using mobile and online ordering, you probably require an email address when a customer creates an account. So you may as well be using it to email customers right? Because they expect to hear from you. So don’t just let it sit there gathering dust. Start with sending them a little thank you offer for their order.

It’s easy to grow your mailing list with your online and mobile ordering customers automatically. Simply create a free MailSync account and connect your Mobi2Go account. MailSync autosyncs customer data from Mobi2Go to your email marketing tool, saving you time, so you can email more customers.

If you haven’t unlocked the awesome power of mobile & online ordering for your hospitality business yet and have five minutes to spare, start a free trial with Mobi2Go.


Add a newsletter sign up form to your website. Make sure you have an email opt-in checkbox. It’s a good idea to have this pre-checked. They can opt-out it if they don’t want to hear from you.

Social media competitions

Creating an attention grabbing competition is a great to get your customers really excited about your brand. Instagram and Facebook competitions are fantastic for hospitality, because they generate great marketing content for your business. Make sure that in order to enter into the draw, customers are required to give you their email address.


Your staff should be telling your customers about your newsletter in store, and letting them know a little bit about your great content. Have your staff ask customers if they want to sign up for your awesome newsletter updates.

Getting creative with your email marketing

Once you know how you’re collecting your customer data, the next step is to think about how you want to market back to your customers. Email marketing is one of the most popular methods of building and maintaining customer relationships. In fact, 91% of customers use email at least once a day, according to an ExactTarget report. Email marketing is personal, instant, and social all at once, and the great thing about marketing for hospitality is food is sociable, something people like to share with their friends and family.

You want to include the best of your business in your newsletters: let your customers know about the new flavours you’re introducing into your menu, new specials and discounts, and events. Make your emails sharable online by including social broadcasting buttons. And share what’s good and exciting about your business.

For more tips and tricks for great email marketing, check out this helpful infographic on everything you need to know to get started with Email Marketing for Hospitality.

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