Instagram is the biggest and most popular photo sharing site on the internet. Users take photos with their phones, then can add filters to make any picture into a work of art. 

Instagram is so popular with millennials and teens it even has it’s own hashtag for posting photos, #doitforthegram.

Believe us, you want your brand to be on millennials radars. They’re a large market, prolific users of technology and they don’t mind spending money. Starting to catch our drift?

One of the most popular things to photograph on Instagram is food. It’s a strange phenomenon, but it is very common for people to take pictures of their food and share it with the world.

Image from Mexicali Fresh Instagram feed.


Less strange is how this is a unique opportunity for your restaurant to add another level to its online presence. People like food, and they like to look at pictures of food. Adding Instagram to your social media toolbox is a great way to build buzz around your food, and gain interest from customers.

Instagram is only accessible from an iPhone, iPad or Android – so either have one person on your staff in charge of the account, or set up an account with shared details that all of your staff can use for posting work related snaps.

You can share your photos with Facebook and Twitter, which builds engagement – posts with pictures typically perform better than posts without them. 

What to photograph?

Instagram is super casual, even compared to other social networks. The pictures give you the chance to share a more personal side of your business, so make it intimate and show the web your passion for what you’re doing.

  • Staff functions
  • Industry events
  • Your staff at work
  • Dishes from the menu
  • Changes to the décor

Flight Coffee have an awesome Instagram feed,  which really reflects the personality of their brand.

Get Organised

While Instagram does have a chronological ‘feed’ of recent photos from other users that you follow, the more common way to find photos is by searching keywords. Like Twitter, these are words that are pre-empted by a # – unlike Twitter however, it’s acceptable to use more than one or two in a post.

You can use a specific # for your restaurant, and encourage patrons taking photos to use it when they are uploading their pictures. 

The Original California Burrito Company uses Instagram to run a competition.

Getting Noticed

Once you’ve gotten used to Instagram, it’s time to let people know that you’re online! Add mentions to your menu and promotional materials. If you see people photograph their meals, ask if they’re following you on Instagram. Sharing photos to Facebook and Twitter also helps build visibility. 

You can see what’s currently trending with websites like Instawaves or keep track of account of activity with Statigram.


A picture of a new addition to the menu from The Mt Vic Chippery. 

Instagram is easy, casual, and free – three great features for a promotional tool. It’s almost too easy to get the photography bug with this great app, so go with it and show the web a more personal side to your business.

Have an Instagram account? Let us know your username in the comments – we’d love to see your snaps! You can find us here, and as always, on Facebook and Twitter.


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